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My name is Brittney. I've been playing the sims as long as I can remember. Hope you enjoy! :3
Sims 3 Halloween CC List


The Sims 3 - Halloween CC 


-Credit to all owners listed, I do not claim to have made any of this cc nor own it.

*if you see halloween cc that is not on here, feel free to message me the link. 

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Standalone complete retextured bleach cloud shorts. 2 colors.

Do not reupload. You can edit for personal use but do not reupload the edits. Thanks!


Hiya, its me again! I loved the sally makeup, i was wondering if you were also able to make the rot on emily (corpse bride)'s face?


Is a facepaint for both genders. ( UwU )

Download here.


It’s very simple eye bags. I made this for my legacy challenge founder a while back. Download on my Blog : )

Fℓσяαℓ Tωσ-Pιєcє Dяєѕѕ

I’m really loving being able to make my own Custom Content here, if you can’t tell. This has to be my favorite yet!

Download (package file)

(Source: simmtasticlex)


Weeeeell. I couldn’t QUITE get it to do what I wanted, BUT alas. They are fully functional. This is technically 4 skins I guess, 2 face textures and one body texture per gender. Lee is made to be more masculine and Toria is more feminine, but in the end I decided I liked how Lee looked on girls too so I just slapped body textures so they worked for both. 

Anyway, found under skin details, and they’ll recolor as you choose your base skintone. 

Chisami-2_TS4_Skins_Toria_Lee_Non-Default.zip (includes all 4 packages and previews of the faces)

Link to folder on Dropbox of just individual files so you don’t have to download the full set if you don’t want them all.

Credits to Krell, Ephemera, INS3 (lips), Nika V., just in case… But tbh at this point I think it’s mostly my own painting, I’ve drawn over this so many times. It’s actually this “Warrens" skin morphed to TS4 and then reworked a bunch. I hope that’s all, I lose track a lot of what I take from skins. ;_; Thanks so much to all the great skin makers out there.

[MF SIMS] Detailed Body Skin

This is a body overlay only for females, it will not change the basic face skintone. You can find on the Skin Details menu as a color switch of the Crease Forehead overlay. It has a custom thumbnail, so it will be easy to find. If you use it, please tag me! Feedbacks and opinions are always welcome here :)

Credits to Krell Sims for the hands texture.

Download HERE

You may also be interested in a nose and lips overlay! It is right here.


Oh yay, I actually ended up liking this more than my other skin so excited about this. \m/ Pretty much all credit to Ephemera, and little bit of Krells skin.

Btw, after so many mentions of the creases on my last skin, I was amazing and mostly got rid of them this time. =~= They should at least be fainter.

These are non default so can be found in your skin details. They will recolor with all default EA skintones. Install C:\Users\***\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Download Ephemera E-Skin Fresh 3t4

My sister and I made ourselves on the sims 4: create a sim demo